Nathan Riley Smith

Even just being one page, this site was so much fun to create. As a musician and songwriter, Nathan Riley Smith was looking for a simple and streamlined yet inclusive page to advertise his presence on social media and express his personality. Nathan's love for nature inspires his songwriting, so I decided to incorporate that passion in an interesting yet functional way through his landing page. When the site loads, it slowly fades into a video loop that filters through a real nature scene.

With links to all of his social media accounts, there are no questions about where his music can be found or how to get in touch with him. The site makes him available and holds the attention of his audience, all while instilling an overall sense of calm and wonder.

If Nathan decides later on that he would like a more in depth site, I can easily add additional pages and features. The versatility of this site is one of the reasons I enjoyed designing it - there is always room for change, and the options are endless. This allows for flexibility, creativity, and the ability to keep the site up to date with Nathan's online needs.

Check out the music on his website here, and follow him to stay up to date with new songs and announcements! If you're looking for someone to design your own page, take a look at what I offer and reach out - I'd love to hear from you!